Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I invite a family member from Cuba to the Dominican Republic?

A special visa system has been created for tourism in which Cuban citizens can travel to the Dominican Republic and thus be able to join their relatives living outside Cuba. In order to access this program you must buy a Tourism Package that includes the air ticket and the stay in a hotel in the Dominican Republic.

2. How is the visa application process?

The visa process is personal and there is no intermediary company in your request. When you purchase your tourism package, you will be asked for all your personal information, both for those traveling from Cuba as well as for your relatives residing in the USA, who will act as responsible for your relative. It takes approximately 20 days between the purchase of the package, the processing of the visa and the issuance of the visa in the passport.

3. How is the visa application process?

You can buy it with YES Travel who will offer you all the advice and help in the process. Flights are operated by the Dominican airline Air Century/Sky Cana.

4. What days are the flights?

Flights operate every Saturday from Santo Domingo, Capital of the Dominican Republic and arrive and depart from Havana, Cuba.

5. How long can I stay in the Dominican Republic?

The visa is granted for ONE ENTRY ONLY. The packages we offer are for 7 hotel nights and in case you need to stay longer those stays are subject to approval. In case you want to go back to the Dominican Republic you will have to do the whole process again.

6. How much does the visa cost?

The visa has a consular fee of $130 (U.S. dollars), payable in bills to the Dominican Consulate in Havana. There is no authorized agent to charge this fee. The visas are NOT GRANTIFIED, that is to say that the Government of the Dominican Republic may or may not approve the visa of each applicant. In case of not approving the visa for whatever reason, the consular fee charged by the Dominican Consulate is NON REFUNDABLE.

7. How much does the Tursimo package cost?

The packages from Cuba to Dominican Republic will have different values which will mainly depend on the hotel where the person stays. For more information you can consult directly with YES Travel.

8. How do I contact you for more information?

You can call YES Travel at +1 305 433-4777 or leave your information here to be contacted by one of our agents.